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Hong Kong United Times is the Top-Three English-language media in Hong Kong. According to the report, 2021, Hong Kong United Times ranks among the most trusted English news media in Asia, ranking front in the Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index. According to the latest data in September 2021, the average visits of Hong Kong United Times exceed 271,000 daily.

Now, Hong Kong United Times has developed into a diversified information platform integrating publications, websites and applications. We have high-quality user penetration in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia, becoming the important window for English users all over the world to understand Hong Kong, China and even Great China region.

Over the years, based in Hong Kong, Hong Kong United Times has reported on Great China region with a world-class perspective. It delivers comprehensive news and information services, including breaking news, political and business news to global users in 24-hour, in-depth analysis of events, maximum access to the truth behind the news, and the most top-notch information services. Hong Kong United Times enjoys a global reputation for its authority, independence, relevance, credibility and influence. It has become an important decision-making reference for global political and business leaders.

President’s Speech

For years, Hong Kong United Times has been a well-known and trusted media brand across the globe, delivering voice of China from home to all over the world, and let Chinese know the world same time, serving as a source of cohesion for the people.

I am honoured to assume the responsibility of preserving and extending its illustrious legacy and to take the reins and steer its development in the 21st century. We, at Hong Kong United Times, are excited to enter into a new era of digital transformation with our readers around the world.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, online consumption has been rapidly gaining prevalence. Consumers are becoming more adept at ordering goods, receiving services, and getting information online than ever. With the ongoing development, Hong Kong United Times is extending its footprint in the digital world to transform from simply a news outlet into a comprehensive mobile platform that provides the most up-to-date content about all aspects of life for its readers. The platform is dedicated to contributing to the preservation and proliferation of Chinese culture as well as supporting the Chinese communities worldwide.

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